School Safety and Climate

What is SAP?

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is designed to provide a way to quickly identify students who are struggling and may be considered “at risk”. SAP provides students with support and referral to interventions for the confidential help they need to safely and effectively deal with difficult situations that may be causing them to struggle in school. All Pennsylvania schools are required to offer SAP services. Written parent permission is required for any student to be involved in the SAP program.

What does “at risk” mean?

Students may be “at risk” when they face situations of transition and change. How students respond to these situations depend on having acquired developmental and age-appropriate coping skills. “At risk” students may adopt unacceptable behaviors during these periods of transition and change.

How is a student referred to SAP?

Anyone can refer a student to SAP. Perhaps a teacher or friend has noticed changes in behavior and habits at school, or a parent has noticed changes at home; all of these observations are important. A student is referred to SAP because someone is concerned about observable changes they are seeing in a student. The Student Assistance Program Request for Assistance form is available through this link.


The SAP team is comprised of school staff including teachers, counselors, nurses, administrators as well as outside agencies. All members have been highly trained. This team does NOT provide treatment nor does it discipline students.


The SAP team works toward early identification of alcohol/drug abuse problems, and behavioral health concerns, including but not limited to: the loss of a loved one, depression, conduct/behavior issues and eating disorders. Overall the goal is to identify and address these problems in a timely manner. We hope to assist students in their personal growth while also fostering a successful school experience. The SAP team will assist in the following ways:

  • By offering an intervention plan that may include a recommendation for further evaluation.
  • By sharing any results and recommendations with each student and his/her family.

SAP is dedicated to helping students recognize potential dangers and to providing
options for change and/or recovery so students can eliminate barriers and be more
successful in their school environment. SAP paperwork may be kept electronically.