School Safety and Climate

Providing the best education possible for our students also means creating a safe and secure environment for both students and staff. As with everything we do, we must continually review our standards and judge our effectiveness. I place great importance on Safety and Security and would like to share my expectations and our plans for improvement.

Security continues to be an ongoing focus for schools across the nation. In the School District of Lancaster specifically, we determined a district-wide assessment was needed to create a fully integrated and clearly understood safety and security plan. The assessment evaluated a variety of areas such as access, interior security, computer access, procedures, climate, emergency response, crime mapping of each location, and after hour activities. Once the report is complete it will be reviewed with the Directors to prepare a strategy for implementation. Every District employee is expected to comply with security procedures and be alert regarding possible infractions. It is expected that security improvement will be a component of every School Improvement Plan as well as the Facilities Management and Technology Department’s Plans.

Another important aspect of Safety is accident prevention. Our District Safety Committee has invested a great deal of time and effort preparing a comprehensive safety manual to serve each site and department as a procedural resource and guide. To insure understanding and compliance, site and department leadership should review the manual. The Safety Committee will continue to provide support such as site audits, awareness tools, data collection, and other program improvements.

In order to create a safe environment conducive to learning, it is important parents and our students adhere to the safety and security policies. Questions pertaining to a specific school building should be addressed with the building leadership.