Lead Testing

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Safety is always the top priority in the School District of Lancaster.

That is why, in 2016, the School District of Lancaster voluntarily tested water sources for lead contamination in some of its older district buildings. As a result, the district addressed three issues—a hand-washing sink in the girls’ locker room at Buchanan Elementary and a water fountain at Phoenix Academy and Wickersham Elementary.

Now, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires school districts to conduct tests on all district buildings, which SDoL recently completed.1 We are pleased to find that water supplies in nearly all district buildings were shown to be safe.

However, the testing revealed lead levels above the recommended action stage in two district buildings:

  • At King Elementary, testing showed levels above the recommended action level in a hand-washing sink in the faculty lounge. The sink fixtures were replaced.
  • At Price Elementary, testing showed levels above the recommended action level in about half of the classroom sinks. (Parents/guardians of price students were notified which classrooms were affected.) The school shut down the contaminated sinks and will provide bottled water for student consumption until all fixtures are replaced.

Only children who consume large amounts of contaminated water, especially over a long period of time (months or years), are at risk of lead poisoning. Parents/guardians who have concerns about lead contamination should consult with their pediatrician if a lead screening test is warranted.

A full listing of the test results are available at the link to the left, as well as information on the health risks of lead contamination.


Damaris Rau, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
School District of Lancaster

Anne Marie Derrico, MD
Physician Consultant – SDoL
Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

Note: Testing was not performed at Reynolds Middle School due to the extent of current construction. Students are provided bottled water for drinking during this time.