District Goals

In accordance with Board Policy 312 the board shall evaluate the performance of the superintendent at least annually and at any time such action is prudent. The board will determine annual goals for the superintendent which are posted on the District’s website for public review. The superintendent will provide periodic updates on the status of the established goals.

The results of the 2018-2019 annual performance evaluations of the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent indicate they have met the agreed objective performance standards for the prior evaluation period.

Superintendents’ Performance Objectives:

Focus Area: Teaching & Learning

  1. Design system for instructional rounds (by October 2019)
  2. Pilot instructional rounds at four district schools (by November 2019)
  3. Implement instructional rounds at all schools to monitor core action use in classrooms (by May 2020)
  4. Create and articulate an academic vision that incorporates existing programs. Identify programs and practices and support teachers through effective professional learning to enhance student outcomes (by June 2020)
  5. Collaborate with teachers and others to evaluate curricula (by March 2020)

Focus Area: Student-Centered Climate & Culture

  1. Implement Phase 1 (Tone & Trust) and Phase 2 (Personal Culture and Personal Journey) of the deep equity training plan (by May 2020)
  2. Collaborate with the Board of Directors to draft a district equity policy (by May 2020)
  3. Cultivate student voice and representation in district initiatives, specifically Portrait of a Graduate, Board representation, and equity training (ongoing)

Focus Area: Community Engagement

  1. Plan collaboratively and participate in a retreat with the LEA Executive Team to establish norms and expectations to improve two-way communication and teaming (by October 2019)
  2. Establish quarterly meetings with the LEA president to share and discuss progress on district initiatives
  3. Establish a feedback system with the Superintendent for two-way communication that creates opportunities for dialoging and partnering with staff, teachers, and leaders (by October 2020)
  4. Complete the design and roll-out of the new website (by October 2020) and enhance digital communications (ongoing)
  5. Begin a renewed “visioning process” with the new Board of Directors (workshop dates TBD)
  6. Continue to advocate for SDoL and its priorities among community leaders (ongoing, throughout the year)

Focus Area: Operational Effectiveness 

  1. Create and present a comprehensive district talent plan, inclusive of promotion pathways and based on a proactive approach to improving equity throughout district staff (by March 2020)
  2. Develop plan for the expansion of CTE programs (by March 2020)
  3. Complete Boundary Study to improve system efficiencies and establish equity to inform the budget process and implement in 2021-22 (by March 2020)
  4. Implement Year 2 of the district technology plan to include PD for elementary and 9th grade teachers. Deploy iPads for grade 9 students and deploy iPads in the elementary schools (by January 2020)
  5. Provide a five-year plan to upgrade facilities to support 21 Century Learning (by January 2020)