District Goals

In accordance with Board Policy 312 the board shall evaluate the performance of the superintendent at least annually and at any time such action is prudent. The board will determine annual goals for the superintendent which are posted on the District’s website for public review. The superintendent will provide periodic updates on the status of the established goals.

The results of the 2017 annual performance evaluations of the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent reflect an overall proficient rating based on the mutually agreed upon objective performance standards.

Objective Performance Standards:

  1. Increase the number of students by 10% who are taking advanced classes (e.g. Dual Enrollment, Advance Placement) with the goal of supporting a college going culture and providing more opportunities for all.
    • In the 2015-2016 school year we had 605 students enrolled in advanced classes at the High School. As of today, we have 624 students. This is an increase of 3.14% of students. Although we did not meet the target of a 10% increase, with the implementation of the IB Middle Years program, we expect we will have many more students enrolling in high level courses in the future. A discussion with Campus administration about the decrease in IB courses indicated that the large Dual Enrollment participation limits students taking both IB and college classes which are held off campus.
    • Dual Enrollment – 65% increase
      Advanced Placement – 15% increase
      IB – 11% decrease
  2. Focus district efforts and resources to increase the number of cohorts of middle school students meeting or exceeding the growth standard in math and reading as measured by the Pennsylvania Value Added Assessment System (PVAAS). Targeted increase: 4 cohorts. (Updated November 2016)
    • PVAAS data will be available in October 2017.
  3. Increase student attendance by 2% in the 16-17 school year
    • This district goal was 91%. We met this goal by achieving an overall attendance average of 93%.
  4. Reduce the number of suspensions at the middle school level by 10%
    • We met this goal by decreasing the overall suspension rate by 23%.
  5. Build leadership capacity by developing a leadership pipeline program
    • We continue to lead training sessions for new and veteran Assistant Principals focusing on developing leadership to build our administrative bench. In order to develop our bench of teachers, we are working closely with Millersville University to identify a cohort of paraprofessionals to begin a pathway towards helping them become certified teachers. This program will initiate this summer. 
    • A building substitute was hired for each school this year. This enabled Principals to have a sub present daily to fill a vacancy. In addition, this enabled us to provide these long term substitutes real full-time experience in our buildings thereby preparing them to develop the skills needed to be able to apply for permanent positions in the District. We need to develop other programs to identify teachers with high potential to become formal teacher leaders with formal responsibilities that allow them to maintain some time as classroom teachers and some time as coaches.

Superintendent’s Strategic Priorities for 2017-18

  1. Inspire broader and deeper local ownership of district outcomes by cultivating and leveraging relationships with parents, community leaders and leadership groups.
  2. Create a culture of higher expectations for all students and staff.
  3. Redefine and elevate the roles of all building leaders and teachers and empower them to adapt a leadership mindset.
  4. Redesign and enhance central office processes for creativity and innovation to model the change we seek throughout the district.
  5. Meet critical performance standards (set annually).