Data and Assessments

The District receives many requests for data and the opportunity to complete research within our schools and
departments. Examples of these requests include research projects, reports for grants, dissertation work,
public reporting, or internal data analysis. Requesters may seek student data or the ability to administer
interviews, surveys, or questionnaires. Some district and school data is available on our website, through
Lancaster Links, and/or on the Future Ready PA Index website.

The privacy of student, staff, and district data is of utmost importance. Data that is not currently available to
the public will not be given to any individual without proper approval. SDoL employees should not provide
data or partake in research, surveys, or interviews unless it has been approved by the Superintendent.

The following protocol will be used when data and/or research is requested:

  1. The requester will complete the SDoL: Data & Research Request form. This form will ask for
    identifying information, association, type of request, the purpose and details of the request, and a
    preferred timeframe. Requesters can choose to receive an e-mail that contains a copy of their
  2. After a review of the request, the individual will receive a response via e-mail. This response should be
    received within five business days.

    • If a data request is approved, a timeframe will be shared with the Requester and any additional
      questions will be posed. Data will be delivered by the specified date.
    • If a research request is being considered, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be
      initiated and shared with the Requester.
  3. An MOU is initially reviewed by the Coordinator of Assessment, Evaluation, & Research. Additional
    staff members may be asked to review the request, based on the area of interest. If the MOU is moved
    through this initial review, it is passed on to the Superintendent for consideration.
  4. Whether approved or denied by the Superintendent, the individual will receive notice. If approved, the
    Requester will be notified via e-mail that they are able to begin their research. A copy of the signed
    MOU will be provided.
  5. Researchers are expected to provide updates to the District as they complete their work. Any changes
    to the approved plan must be communicated to the Coordinator of Assessment, Evaluation, & Research
    and are subject to review.

Please Note: The School District of Lancaster reserves the right to deny any data or research requests. There are times throughout the year when there is a high level of requests. Advanced notice is provided to Requesters that the turnaround time may vary based on the time of year and related factors.