Data and Assessments

In the School District of Lancaster we are lifelong learners. By using common assessments across the district we can measure:

  • The progress of our students
  • The types of academic support our students may need
  • The effectiveness of our curriculum and instruction
  • The preparedness of our student for college and careers

For more information about the types of assessments we use click these links. English Spanish

For a calendar of the district-wide assessments click here.

For a calendar of state required assessments grades 3-8 click here

For a calendar of state required high school level assessments click here

Keystone Assessment Information

Keystone Exams are end–of-course assessments in designated content areas.  The Keystone Exams serve two purposes: (1) high school accountability assessments for federal and state purposes, and (2) high school graduation requirements for students beginning with the class of 2019.  The Algebra I and Literature Keystone Exams include items written to the Assessment Anchors/Eligible Content aligned to the Pennsylvania Core Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts.  The Biology Keystone Exam includes items written to the Assessment Anchor/Eligible Content aligned to the enhanced Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Science. Keystone proficiency levels are included on student transcripts. (From